For over 20 years the DDO Day Camp has been striving to bring the joys of summer to every camper that has passed through our chalets. We aim at providing our campers with a safe yet unforgettably enjoyable experience through a variety of different sports, arts, and team activities for children aged 5-13 years old. Our activities are supervised and animated by our qualified and dynamic staff who value your children’s safety and fun above all else.

Our staff is subjected to a thorough interviewing process wherein we ensure that they possess all the qualities to provide the best possible experience for the campers. Our selected animators are then sent to a weekend long formation process where they receive training in but not limited to: Animation, safety measures, and child behaviour. Finally we also ensure that all of our staff is certified with the proper CPR training before camp begins.

Through a recipe of experiences, motivation, and ever growing desire to improve we hope that the DDO Day Camp will continue to thrive for many more years to come.


" Providing your children with a safe and unforgettable summer since 1995 "

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2) First week of Camp is the week of June 26. For more information on the tentative outing schedule please click the link below.
Outing Schedule 2017
​3) Want more information on our Animator in Training program (14 years old) or Assistant Animator program (15 years old), Click here!
     4) Athletics' Camp is now at École Des Source!  

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Please note that the office is now closed. Please contact us at 514-242-7815 for all information.